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Outstanding Servers[]

  • -- Official  Hotline Tracker - Home of
  • -- (also -- Digital Obsession's old server.
  • -- Higher Intellect, a server for old/antique software for a variety of platforms
  • -- For Myth fans and developers alike.
  • -- Official server of Pitbull Pro and Sputnik development also provides a load of files and rare Mac OS9 68/PPC apps/games
  • -- Badmoon -- Home of the Badmoon Tracker
  • -- The Agency -- Random stuff, neat though.
  • -- Test Pattern 6 -- Testing patterns n shit so you don't have to.
  • Amadeus - Very old server, Ran by good friends.
  • - official site and tracker and server guest = ON (this server is not responding, last check 2023-04-30)

Server Software[]




  • hxd (Unix)
  • phxd (Python)
  • phxd (Unix)
  • Javaline Server (Multiplatform Mac, WIndows, Unix) made in Java can be downloaded from the UberSoft hotline server at (requires JRE 8+) the link is to the source code and compiled java bin since the Source Code to Javaline was released March 2021 if anybody wants to take over it make sure to head over to the official Pitbull Pro development server so you can add compatibility and what not with Pitbull Pro (if you so wish to)
  • Pitbull Server - (Windows)
  • Dinobull Server - (Windows) Adds Discord Relay support
  • Mobius - Multiplatform command line server and client implemented in Golang